An Album | coming MARCH 2017


Mark Henry Phillips (whose uses Sono Oto as a nom-de-indie-rock) started writing the songs that would become INHERITANCE back in 2008, shortly after his father was diagnosed with lung cancer. Through all of this Phillips wrote and recorded songs. At one point he had close to 40 partially recorded tracks. Without even realizing it, the songs had become his way of processing his father's death, their relationship and his fear of the unresolved issues getting passed down from one generation to the next.  

Phillips eventually zeroed in on 12 tracks to finish and he brought in the drummer Nick Kinsey (Diamond Doves and Elvis Perkins in Dearland) to bring his soulful drumming to the tracks. He also brought in guitarist/mad scientist Sam Cohen (Apollo Sunshine) to add another layer of melody and texture to several tracks. The end result is a Beatles-esque pop album with a raw - almost painful - sense of yearning that gives the album another layer of depth and meaning.